Get started with our free on-demand courses. These courses are designed to give you everything that you need to get up and running with Sports Connect.

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Let us help you get started with Sports Connect. This course gives you a tour of the key features of your Sports Connect Portal, and teaches you how to use your admin dashboard to stay

In this course, we will guide you through entering your payment settings and applying for your merchant account application. We recommend that you complete your payment settings as soon as possible to avoid delays in

Take a deep dive into how to create and configure a new program in your Sports Connect Portal. You will learn how to set up the various program types and get hands-on experience building a

In this introductory course, we will show you how to get your organization’s website up and running. We’ll cover the basics of finding and choosing a theme, integrating your social media profiles, creating/building your pages,

Discover the 4 things you need to know as a lead admin taking over an existing portal. We’ll help you avoid the common mistakes a lead admin can make and provide tips and tricks that

Learn how to manage any new or existing order on your Sports Connect portal. In this course we cover the basics of managing and editing orders, transferring players, and how to process a refund and

In this course, we will take a more in-depth look into order management in your portal. We’ll cover how to bulk edit orders, send balance statements, manage payment plans, manually register users, and more.    

Start selling fan wear and earning additional income for your organization with your own fan wear store. In this course, we’ll show you how to set up your store and select a logo that will

Fan Wear is a great way to earn additional income for your organization and gives parents an additional way to show their support in style. Join us as we share winning ideas for marketing and

Stack Team App can help you change how you manage your teams, schedules, and communication for the entire organization. Join us as we explore how you can streamline your team management processes by connecting Stack

Building on the knowledge learned from Getting Started with Stack Team App, in this course we will learn the in’s and outs of the Stack Team App mobile app. Here we will explore how to

Our Sports Connect Onboarding series is perfect for new portals and new admins. This series of courses will get you and your new portal up and running for your first season with Sports Connect. You’ll

The New Admin Jumpstart is a great place to start to get up and running quickly in Sports Connect. This path includes many of the same courses in our Onboarding Series however it is focused

Sports Connect makes it easy to start earning additional revenue for your organization with your own Fan Wear store! This series of courses will show you how to set-up and market your fan wear store

Everything your league needs to get up and running with Sports Connect. The Little League Onboarding Series is perfect for new or seasoned admins looking for a quick refresh.  You’ll gain the skills needed to

In this webinar, we’ll discuss product updates for Central Registration. We will also cover the 2025 season release, and how to set up your registration program for the upcoming season. At a Glance << Back

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