New Admin Jumpstart Series

The New Admin Jumpstart is a great place to start to get up and running quickly in Sports Connect. This path includes many of the same courses in our Onboarding Series however it is focused on the first milestones you’ll want to achieve. You’ll feel confident with the knowledge you’ll gain in this series and will be ready to manage your portal like a pro.

Who is this for?

  • New Sports Connect Organizations wanting to hit the ground running.

Let us help you get started with Sports Connect. This course gives you a tour of the key features of your Sports Connect Portal, and teaches you how to use your admin dashboard to stay informed about what is happening

In this course, we will guide you through entering your payment settings and applying for your merchant account application. We recommend that you complete your payment settings as soon as possible to avoid delays in launching your programs. At a

Take a deep dive into how to create and configure a new program in your Sports Connect Portal. You will learn how to set up the various program types and get hands-on experience building a program, and setting up fees

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