Logging in and Navigating your Sports Connect Portal (3:32)

Logging in & Navigating your Portal (3:32)

As an administrator for your organization, you should have received an email with your portal address and details for creating a password. When you log into your portal for the first time, you will be asked to choose your role in the organization. 

Getting Started with Sports Connect choose role

Once you have selected your role, you will be able to begin configuring and managing your portal. 

Admin Toolbar

The admin toolbar located at the top of your screen is where you will perform all of your different admin functions. 

Registration is where you will go to create and edit your registration programs, manage team staff, and access registration and payment settings

Website is where you can add pages and manage your website

Orders includes the option to view and manage orders, make bulk edits, view balance statements, and manually register or add a participant 

Teams allows you to build  and manage teams, and roster players and admins

Reports allows you to access our robust suite of reports including our standard reports, and data insights

Schedules gives you the ability to create and manage game schedules, add locations and fields, and enter scores

Email offers several options for emailing your members important news or updates

Text allows you to set up and send text messages to your members. Members must opt in to receive text messages

Store allows your organization to easily set-up your own fan wear store 

Common is where you will find daily tasks including the ability to manage users and admins, assign roles, complete manual orders, and manage files. It also includes a link to return to your admin dashboard

My Account is where you can view and update your account information, logout, or to be taken to the main page of your portal

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